Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The recent opinion polls by info- track got me asking questions’ concerning the Kenyan environment as far as politics is concerned. This is due to the fact that the results announced by Angela Ambitho were completely opposite to what at- least most Kenyans would have expected. The results not only did it get dismissal from those it didn’t favor like the CORD and ANC coalitions but it also got dismissal from JUBILEE coalition whom it favored with Uhuru saying Angela Ambitho was spreading propaganda. Angela on the other end was supporting her organization results of the 2017 opinion polls by saying that the results were not biased especially due to the fact that there were complaints from every political party involved. With that infotrak excuse, does it make the results right, of-course not, we don’t know which methods they used in their statistics to achieve representation and we don’t know their marginal of error and how do we know if the organization itself is not a subject of influence by who is who as far as social, economic and political factors are at stake.
 We all know politics is about perspective of the people and it won’t be the first time that the media and organization have failed to ask the right questions and think about the masses instead of their selfish interest. The thing is this, organizations such as info trak and media houses can influence a political environment as far as political culture, political behavior, ideology, interest grouping, attitude and partisanship is concerned. They can demonize, propagate and propel an individual or a political party into power. Why is it that the results came at this time, What did the organization tend to achieve, What are the attitudes of Kenyans towards the government as far as security, economy, infrastructures and other factors are concerned. I think there are important factors that info trak should have done opinion polls on ,such as social- economic issues and not on 2017 elections predictions.

The results not only create anxiety and anticipation but I think they tend to influence the future results. We all know how African regimes always cling to power and they never want to let it go and with polls like this, it is obvious that they tend to create a negative mindset on the supporters of a political party that was not favored and they would think the organization involved might be working with the government in power. This is not good especially now that we are heading towards elections and the country itself is polarized along tribal lines.