Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our environment will always respond in accordance to our doings. If we have a positive impact on it, it will have the same on us and vise versa in case of a negative impact. It is in that sense that some factors in life will still affect us like a passive smoker even if we don’t participate in them.

Political pressure is being felt all over our sovereign state though it isn’t yet 2017. The question to most Kenyans, at-least those living in towns is whether we will experience peace come the big day. There is that demonic fear crawling down our spines of what might be our fate this time, given that historically ethnic clashes have been associated with each exercise of voting regimes into power as in 1992, 1993, 1997 and in 2007 election sceneries.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is no wonder those who stepped into our colonizers shoes did nothing to make it right. Our leaders haven’t been able to rise above their prejudice and build the nation in unity; the process of democracy has been undermined as voting a president is seen as voting an ethnic community into power.

Politics in Kenya has had a negative impact because of the elite undoings. It should bring about order by ensuring equal distribution of resources but this hasn’t been case and in fact quite the opposite, ever since the incorporation of KADU into KANU hence the rising of the imperialistic presidency. Even though we now have a new constitution encompassing devolution structures, nothing much has changed due to  lack of integrity.

`It’s our turn to eat’ as John Githongo puts it in his book while speaking on corruption during the  NARC regime has been the phrase associated with all the risen regimes in Kenya. The Presidential office has failed to be a unifying factor. Corruption and inequitable distribution of resources among the regions have also thrived at their best.

Neighbors have turned against their neighbors as Party politics is being polarized along ethnic lines and voting pattern follow ethnic affiliation. Politicians have been using ethnicity as a way to ascend into power and also to mobilize political support. Corruption and lack of accountability cases have been turned into `we against them’ .Leaders have become slaves to their own community and their loyalty tends to be with their community and not the Nation.

We have been blinded by negative ethnicity and we have failed to see beyond its curtains. For how long dear Kenyans will we turn a blind eye to what is right and even though we don’t see it, we are still slaves labeled free.
                                                                      writer:J. T. Odari