Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 Rhythmic African Poetry
I pray for redemption forget the fiery tales
 Always on the lane ever since I cracked out of the shell
Please tell me why every day I see the same trend
Every time I wonder is the strife gonna end
I wanna see the triumph in the life that I live
 Every where that I go I see calamities
Many struggling refugees poverty
Tormenting memories many homeless families
For a reason I can’t sleep I just can’t explain
In my dreams I can see the blood shade by Cain
I feel my brother’s pain my vein doesn’t bleed
  Tragedies, surgery, painfull sceneries
Darkness every where picture many murder scene
Dreams never realized hear may screams
In the dark mentally I wanna break free
Staying free dear mama is where I wanna be
A way from this deing family tree

Never cry never die, I live to survive
I see my younger cry dear lord tell me why
Back in the blocks mama I reminisce the rain
Clouding in the sky I can see tears rain
Crying in the ghetto cause illusion never change
I labor not in vain I’m searching hard for the gains
Please dear God take away the pains
I only trust God in the life that I’m living
 Waving this bloody gown sad is what I’m feeling
History is my nightmare I’m trying to a wake
Everyday I wonder why murder is the case
I long for the truth mama every now I try
Life is beautiful tell me why they die
I keep on dreaming in the freedom true life
I gause we’re all free behind the prison bars
For it never dawns everyday feels like a night
My heart moves on many struggles much strife
I try so hard for my soul to survive
 I see heavens door every time I close my eyes
 Temptations wanna cut me off from the light
Always on the corner I’m fighting hard constantly
I’m waiting for my gains eagerly
 I live every single day as my last day
Many fights on the way but I’ll make it any way